Alpaca Bamboo 400 Quilt

  • Warmth rating - medium to warm
  • Perfect for winter
  • Comfortably warm yet light weight
  • Suits those that like to be warm without using a heavy quilt.

Alpaca Bamboo 400 Winter Quilt

The Kelly & Windsor Alpaca Bamboo 400 quilts suit those sleepers who like to be comfortably warm in winter or need extra warmth but do not like a "heavy" quilt.

The thermal performance of the Alpaca Bamboo 400 quilt has been independently tested with excellent results.

It has a superior warmth rating and outstanding warmth to weight ratio and is significantly warmer than comparative weight quilts filled with other natural fibres.

Made with two internal layers of a 200 grams per square metre of super soft alpaca/bamboo fibre blend, which are separately laid together inside the outer quilt cover to create an insulating thermal air pocket between the layers.

This unique design creates a luxuriously soft and comfortably warm winter quilt. The quilt is covered with a super fine luxuriously soft sateen fabric, exclusive to Kelly & Windsor

The Alpaca Bamboo 400 quilt incorporates the UltraSoft seamless quilt design which makes bed making a dream. This quilt looks amazing on the bed.

Imagine a made up bed which is smooth and flat without the usual unsightly crease lines that are caused by traditional quilt stitching patterns.

  • Filling
    Two internal layers of 200gsm (grams per square metre) of a blend of 40% premium quality Australian grown alpaca fleece and 60% bamboo fibre
  • Cover Fabric
    A sateen weave construction with a thread count of 320 threads per inch. The yarn is a blend of 60% bamboo fibre and 40% cotton
  • UltraSoft seamless quilt design
    Softer and silky smooth. No stitches means the quilt looks better on your bed and is easy care
  • Luxury trim and sash
    Three piece binding with coloured piping
    Luxurious corner sash
  • Product label with care instructions
  • Five year quality guarantee

K&W comments -

  • Warmth rating - medium to warm
  • Perfect for winter
  • Comfortably warm yet light weight
  • Suits those that like to be warm without using a heavy quilt.

Care instructions for Kelly & Windsor and The Australian Alpaca Bedding Company's bedding products

Each of our products has a care label sewn onto it which details the recommended care instructions of the product.

PLEASE strictly follow the care instructions to properly clean the product, mainatain its quality and performance. Failure to do so can cause the quilt, doona, pillow, underblanket or comfort top to be severly damaged and destroyed. We will not consider or accept any quality guarantee claim unless our care instructions have been followed.

In general, the care instructions that we recomemend are regular fluffying up and outside airing on a warm sunny day.

If required your quilt, pillow or underblankets can be dry cleaned, P40. Please talk with your dry cleaner to make sure that they understand what they are cleaning. If you have it dry cleaned, please thoroughly air afterwards.

Do not allow the quilt, doona, pillow or underblanket to become damp or wet.


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