Quilt warmth ratings. What do they really mean?

June 09, 2016

Young woman sleeping well with alpaca doona

How to use quilt warmth ratings to choose the best type and style of quilt for you?

Over the years, we have noticed that there are many ways manufacturers and retailers put a warmth rating on quilts and this must be confusing to any buyer.

How do you know which quilt is suited to your needs? The choice of the right quilt for you depends upon many variables such as the climate, room temperature and everybody's personal warmth/cooling needs.

After more than two decades in this business we have see so many subjective terms, warm, cool etc to describe a quilts thermal performance. There is only one accepted and objective measure of this which is the TOG system. This is a European measure of a quilts thermal resistance ie warmth and it is expressed in a numerical scale from 3, very cool to 13.5 very extra warm.

The TOG system is rarely used in Australia and Asia so Kelly & Windsor uses five category warmth rating to assess a quilt's thermal performance -

Very Cool

Quilts for warm climates, summer and heated sleeping environments and those sleepers who are naturally warm to hot in bed.

Suited for night temperatures of 25 degrees or more


Suited for use in a temperate climate with normal sleeping room heating and by regular temperature sleepers.


Suited to temperate mild climates


Suited to cold climates, relatively cool sleeping rooms and for those that like that extra warmth.

Very Warm

Good for very cold climates, where the sleeping room is also cold and those sleepers who feel the cold need to be extra warm at night.

The above provides a general guide as the selection of the right quilt for you, but there are many other factors that are relevant in choosing a quilt such as your sleeping environment, climate, lifestyle, your personal and mental conditions to mention a few.

Our advice, think about what you really need, what options are available and consider you true sleeping needs. They are all more important than just buying a cheap quilt in a rush and spending the next five years regretting it.

For your information we have posted several news articles on  this site that discuss quilt warmth ratings -

We believe that the BMI Matrix Warmth Guide is the most accurate and objective assessment of all relevant factors for the correct choice of the perfect quilt.

Still not sure?

Just give us a call and we will be happy to assist.

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