Super soft Tencel fabrics in Alpaca Royale & 1836 Merino Wool Quilts

Tencel a natural luxurious fibre in quilts | Kelly Windsor Australia

Kelly & Windsor have designed two new new premium quality quilt collections, Alpaca Royale and 1836 Merino Wool quilts which are covered with a pureTencel fabric for the 2024 Australian winter.

Tencel is a revolutionary natural textile fibre that offers an exceptional blend of eco-friendly benefits and superior comfort. The production process of Tencel involves transforming wood pulp into cellulosic fibres with high resource efficiency and very low environmental impact. When super fine count threads of pure Tencel are woven into a fabric it creates a natural, pure, and biodegradable soft fabric, which makes it a perfect choice for bed quilts for those who are environmentally conscious and prefer sustainable options. This eco-friendly process results in a fabric that's not only biodegradable but also chemical free, contributing positively to maintaining the balance of the natural ecosystem.

One of the most noteworthy attributes of Tencel fabric is its super-soft texture. It is often described as "silky soft", owing to its smooth and luxurious feel against the skin. This silky softness combined with its smooth appearance makes it a desirable material for high-quality bedding products. Furthermore, Tencel fabric has a beautiful handle, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of products made from it.

In addition to its softness and smoothness, Tencel fabric is also highly efficient in absorbing moisture. This property makes it an ideal choice for bed quilts as it helps in maintaining a comfortable body temperature and ensuring skin freshness. The moisture absorbency also contributes to the fabric’s breathability, thus enhancing its comfort factor.

Kelly & Windsor Australia have designed a new special super soft finish 100% Tencel 350 thread count sateen weave fabric for its new high end Alpaca Royale and the new 183 Merino wool natural fibre quilts, as an embodiment of luxury, comfort, and sustainability. It's silky soft, smooth, natural, pure, and biodegradable characteristics make it an ideal choice for high end luxury quilts and consumers who prioritize both quality and environmental responsibility. It's more than just a fabric; it's a testament to how we can enjoy superior comfort without compromising our planet's wellbeing.

Pure Tencel in alpaca and wool quilts

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