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The K&W BMI Matrix Alpaca Quilt Doona selector guide

November 25, 2022

We have developed a unique BMI matrix to assist customers in buying an alpaca quilt which is best matched their personal sleeping needs.

It's a very simple and clever guide. Our customers love it. Try it out when you are selecting your next quilt or call us.

Couple under an alpaca doona

TOG ratings of bed quilts. What are they and are they useful?

September 05, 2022

Tog ratings are a measure of a quilts relative warmth which can be accurately measured in a textile testing facility.

Find out how you can use TOG ratings to buy the right quilt which suits your sleeping environment and persoanlized needs.

Alpaca Wool Underblankets are back in stock

Alpaca Wool Underblankets, new design and extra comfort

August 15, 2022

First launched in 2006, our alpaca underblankets have been very popular and we are very excited to announce that they have recently been redesigned.

On the winter side a super dense 700gsm wool pile fabric, a support backing of pure alpaca fibre and a summer side super soft sateen cotton fabric. Luxury

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