Introducing our new luxury alpaca quilt brand, Alpaca Royale

Premium quality pure alpaca quilts

Alpaca Royale, a new release for the 2024 winter season, a top of the line pure alpaca quit collection.

Introducing the new Kelly & Windsor Alpaca Royale quilt collection, for the 2024 winter season. This new collection epitomizes pure luxury and elegance, offering top-of-the-line premium quality that is second to none.

We use selected premium quality fine micron Australian grown pure natural alpaca fibre which has several unique benefits. By using finer micron alpaca fibre it increases the surface area of the filling within the quilt which optimizes the quilt’s unique thermal efficiency, its unique drape, handle and softness. This ensures an unparalleled sleeping experience, providing superior warmth on cold winter nights while remaining lightweight and breathable.

The Alpaca Royale pure alpaca quilts are covered with a champagne dyed Tencel 350 thread count per inch, super soft sateen natural fabric that adds another layer of comfort and luxury. The soft finish Tencel luxury fabric offers excellent moisture absorbency, silky smooth touch which not only enhances the feel of the quilt but also its visual appeal, giving it a lustrous sheen that complements any bedroom decor.

Alpaca Royale quilts have been designed to provide you with optimal comfort all year round. To suit various sleeping environments, climates and personal preferences, Alpaca Royale quilts are offered in various weight options, perfectly suited for all seasons. Whether it's the heat of summer or the cold of winter, these quilts are designed to provide the right amount of warmth and comfort, from summer through to winter. The multiple weight options ensure that you can select the perfect quilt for your needs, making Alpaca Royale quilts a must-have for any home, any time of the year.

The Alpaca Royale quilts are further embellished with a three-piece trim and royal red piping, giving them a sophisticated aesthetic befitting their premium status. These design elements underscore the attention to detail that went into creating each quilt in the Alpaca Royale doona collection, reflecting a commitment to not just comfort and quality but also style.

The Alpaca Royale quilt collection offers an incomparable blend of elegance, comfort, and luxury. Our design choice in using pure fine micron alpaca fire for the filling and a 100% soft Tencel luxury champagne dyed cover fabric, has created a new standard in luxury bedding, promising an indulgent sleep experience that is as stylish as they are extemely comfortable.

This quilt collection is indeed a worthy choice for those seeking to experience the ultimate in luxurious sleeping comfort and to elevate their bedding to the next level.

Alpaca Royale display card | Kelly Windsor AustraliaAlpaca Royale quilt doona | Kell Windsor Australia

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