Exciting news, an exclusive global agreement with Kangaroo Island Wool

Australian merino wool | Kangaroo Island Wool

An exclusive global agreement with Kangaroo Island Wool to use fine merino in the new Kelly & Windsor luxury bed quilt range.

Kelly & Windsor Australia, a recognised and  innovate leader in the Australian bedding industry, has recently secured an exclusive agreement with Kangaroo Island Wool to purchase their premium quality merino wool which will be used by Kelly & Windsor in their new range of high-quality pure fine merino bedding products.

Kangaroo Island, located off the coast of South Australia, is renowned for producing some of the finest quality merino wool in the country. The islands natural wool fibre is sustainably grown and harvested annually from hand selected, elite merino sheep which are well cared for by the breeders of Kangaroo Island Wool.

Christine Berry, Chair of Kangaroo Island Wool "our holistic, farmer led approach to sustainable land management, innovative production systems and animal welfare enable us to produce the purest, finest merino in the world"

Merino wool from Kangaroo Island island is highly sought after due to its exceptional softness, warmth, and breathability and is widely recognised as being finer and superior than the average Australian merino wool clip.

These attributes make it an ideal material for bedding products and will also provide us with provenance of the wool with every bale of merino wool bought by us being certified as to its authenticity back to the growers farm on the island.

The wool supply and licence agreements benefits both Kelly & Windsor Australia and the Kangaroo Island Wool growers. It will also support the island's wool industry and community after the recent devastating bush fires on the island in 2019-20. It also guarantees us a consistent supply of high-quality merino wool for the production of our premium bedding products.

With the product development and testing programs successfully completed in mid 2023, Kelly & Windsor have finished the design of their new wool quilt ranges and have released their three new merino quilt ranges.

Interestingly, the results of the thermal testing of the K&W merino wool quilts was outstanding in both their warmth ratings and their warmth to weight ratios.In addition, our SuperLoft fibe processing system with fine merino created a very high loft and uniquely soft wool quilt which will easily place it at the highest end of the quality wool quilt market.

The launch of these exclusive merino wool quilt collections, 1836 Merino, Estate Merino and EveryHome was announced at the recent Heimtextil, the prestigious home textile fair in Germany in January 2024 to selected international buyers and is now being rolled out to Australian and international retailers.

The partnership between Kelly & Windsor Australia and Kangaroo Island Wool is a significant development in the Australian and international bedding industry as it is a world first that pure merino wool has been used in bed quilts.

Customers worldwide can look forward to experiencing the unmatched comfort of pure bed quilts made by Kelly & Windsor using Australia’s finest quality fine merino wool from Kangaroo Island.

We are very excited by this new innovative development which further significantly broadens our natural fibre bedding product range and recognition as Australia's leading designer and manufacturer of high end premium quality natural fibre premium quality sustainable bedding solutions.

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