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Why you should choose an alpaca quilt

November 16, 2020 2 min read

Alpaca Gold doona quilt rolled

Why are alpaca fleece quilts so good?

There are several parts to answer this question - 

In bed quilts and doonas, alpaca fleece is an ideal filling material -

  • It is a natural bio degradable fibre which is environmentally friendly
  • Moisture absorbent - Alpaca fleece can absorb up to 30% of its own weight, to keep your dry and warm and cool in summer
  • High tensile strength - durability and long life
  • Lanolin free, and therefore not requiring chemical scouring to clean the fibre
  • Non allergenic - chemical free with little odour
  • Naturally flame retardant

Features & Benefits of Alpaca fleece quilts and duvets

  • Outstanding thermal performance - alpaca fibres are semi hollow which traps warm air to keep you warm
  • Excellent warmth to weight ratio - you don't need a heavy quilt to be comfortably warm
  • Luxuriously soft and with a beautiful handle and feel
  • Very good moisture absorbency to promote your sleeping comfort

Kelly & Windsor's Alpaca Quilts

A brand that you can trust

In recent years, we have seen several companies try and emulate our alpaca quilt collections. This was inevitable given that Kelly & Windsor's Alpaca Bedding Collections successfully established the Alpaca quilt market in Australia and overseas. With over many years of experience, Kelly & Windsor is clearly regarded as the leading brand of Alpaca quilts in the market.

Common question: What is the difference between a Kelly & Windsor Alpaca quilt and another Alpaca quilt brand?

An easy question to answer, it's all to do with design, quality and style -
  • Fleece quality - we only use the highest premium grade of Australian white alpaca fleece
  • Fleece processing - our unique processing technologies ensures that the Alpaca fleece is properly processed for top quality
  • Cover fabrics - exclusive and superfine export quality
  • Quilt trims - unique and luxurious
  • Quilting design - UltraSoft and innovation in seamless quilting styles, patent pending
  • Packaging - innovative and exclusive
  • Australian Made and with a quality guarantee

quality and style alpaca doona quilts

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