Why you should choose an alpaca quilt or doona

November 06, 2017

Alpaca Gold doona small N21

Why are alpaca fleece quilts so good?

There are several parts to answer this question - 

In bed quilts and doonas, alpaca fleece is an ideal filling material -

  • It is a natural bio degradable fibre which is environmentally friendly
  • Moisture absorbent - Alpaca fleece can absorb up to 30% of its own weight, to keep your dry and warm and cool in summer
  • High tensile strength - durability and long life
  • Lanolin free, and therefore not requiring chemical scouring to clean the fibre
  • Non allergenic - chemical free with little odour
  • Naturally flame retardant

Features & Benefits of Alpaca fleece quilts and duvets

  • Outstanding thermal performance - alpaca fibres are semi hollow which traps warm air to keep you warm
  • Excellent warmth to weight ratio - you don't need a heavy quilt to be comfortably warm
  • Luxuriously soft and with a beautiful handle and feel
  • Very good moisture absorbency to promote your sleeping comfort
Kelly & Windsor's Alpaca Quilts

In recent years, we have seen several companies try and emulate our alpaca quilt collections. This was inevitable given that Kelly & Windsor's Alpaca Bedding Collections successfully established the Alpaca quilt market in Australia and overseas. With over many years of experience, Kelly & Windsor is clearly regarded as the leading brand of Alpaca quilts in the market.

Common question: What is the difference between a Kelly & Windsor Alpaca quilt and another Alpaca quilt brand?

An easy question to answer, it's all to do with design, quality and style -
  • Fleece quality - we only use the highest premium grade of Australian white alpaca fleece
  • Fleece processing - our unique processing technologies ensures that the Alpaca fleece is properly processed for top quality
  • Cover fabrics - exclusive and superfine export quality
  • Quilt trims - unique and luxurious
  • Quilting design - UltraSoft and innovation in seamless quilting styles, patent pending
  • Packaging - innovative and exclusive
  • Australian Made and with a quality guarantee

quality and style alpaca doona quilts

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