Kelly & Windsor, a Hume Business Awards 2021 finalist

October 20, 2021 1 min read

Hume Business Awards program 2021 | Kelly Windsor Australia

Kelly & Windsor is a finalist in the 2021 Hume Business Awards

We are excited to have recently been advised that we are a finalist in the "Small Manufacturing" category.

We saw the application some months ago and thought that with a number of product innovations, upgrades in our manufacturing processes, recent export achievements in the last twelve months, that maybe we should apply under the Small Manufacturing category. 

For many years we have been supporting the Hume Council business community in offering to present our business at their industry events and award programs.We actively support our local community by soucing materials and expertise from within the Hume Council local government wherever possible.

The awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of business in Hume City.

Today we received an invitation to attend the 2021 awards event to be held on 28th October, and we will let you know how we went, hopefully the winner!

Update 29 October 2021

Well, we didnt win the award, the winners were outstanding entries and were much larger businesses. Congratulations to them, maybe we will try again in 2022.


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