Alpaca Underblankets, an update and news on a come back

May 06, 2018 1 min read

Alpaca Undrblankets

An update on our Alpaca Underblankets

From its first launch back in 2006 the Kelly & Windsor Alpaca Underblankets have been very popular. We are in fact the only bedding manufacturer in the world who designs and sells a genuine alpaca underblanket.

The good news

Up to the end of 2015 we continued to sell out our Alpaca underblankets on TVSN shopping shows and through selected Australian retailers.

Initially I was hesitant about promoting a high-end exclusive Alpaca underblanket on TV, but I was certainly mistaken. With only a limited supply to offer TVSN, every show has been a sell out!

Despite limited sales and marketing promotion on our part, our Alpaca underblankets have now become very poular.

Now the bad news

Since this article was first published in 2015 we have encountered some major technical problems in manufacturing the alpaca underblankets. Despite our extensive efforts to overcome the problem we have not been successful and while I hate to admit it, we have nearly run out of options.

Its now mid 2018 and still we haven't any good news, and I would advise that apart from a few alpaca underblankets left in stock, which are listed for sale on this site, we are still unable to supply these gorgeous items.


alpaca underblankets

News update @ November 2018 -

We have recently been considering other options and with a little innovative creativity on our side, we are hopeful that we can relaunch of our famous Alpaca Underblankets, late in 2018. Fingers crossed, we will keep you posted

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Nina Davis
Nina Davis

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