Alpaca Wool Underblankets, new design and extra comfort

August 15, 2022 2 min read

Alpaca Wool Underblankets are back in stock

Our new Alpaca & Wool Underblankets are here!

We are very excited to advise that the famous Kelly & Windsor Alpaca & Wool underblankets are now back in stock.

We have redesigned them, keeping the good old features, added some extra comfort, updated the packaging which we think offers outstanding sleeping comfort. We believe they are the best in the market.

 A short history which explains why we are so excited -

From its first launch back in 2006 the Kelly & Windsor Alpaca Underblankets have been very popular and we are the only bedding manufacturer in the world who designs and sells a genuine alpaca underblanket.

For nearly ten years, our Alpaca underblankets were very popular amongst  selected Australian retailers and customer reviews were fantastic.

In late 2015 we have encountered some major technical problems in manufacturing the alpaca underblankets and despite our extensive efforts to overcome the problem, we were not been successful and we were forced to discontinue production. 

It was a great shame as it was a great product.

Update June 2021 -

During a team product development meeting in early June 2021, the underblanket program came up and several new ideas were raised which offered various ways to solve the 2015 problem.

After considering the options, it was decided to redesign the alpaca wool underblanket and to relaunch it in time for the 2021 winter season.

We also refreshed the packaging with a new bag and insert card which reflects the high end quality of the brand.

The old alpaca underblanket packaging (2006 to 2015) -

The original alpaca underblanket packaging


The new packaging (from 2021) -

The new Alpaca wool underblanket packaging July 2021

We also noticed that there is a growing demand for a super king sized underblankets and that there seem to be very few manufacturers of quality bedding that offer the Super King size, so its now in our size range.

Just in case you are thinking which underblanket size your need -

Single 91cm x 183cm

King Single 107cm x 203cm

Double 137cm x 183cm

Queen 153cm x 203cm

King 183cm x 203cm

Super King 203cm x 203cm

Our new alpaca wool under blanket is going to give you the best night's sleep that you have ever had. It's packed with features and quality.

For more information, please click here

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