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Mix 'n Match twin pack pillows - High, Low & Medium profiles

April 05, 2020 2 min read

Alpaca Classic pillows twin pack
Mix 'n Match twin pack Alpaca Pillows - only available on this site!

Now you can buy your dream pillows in either the Alpaca Classic and the Alpaca Bamboo pillows styles in a twin pack and select your choice of mixed profiles.

Maybe you spend a lot of time in bed, resting, watching tv, reading and therefore you might need a higher loft pillow for support. Or maybe you like to have two pillows on the bed when it is made up, but only sleep with one low profile pillow.

Everybody is different when it comes to pillows and we give you the choice of buying what you really need rather than what somebody else wants to sell to you.

Rather than just offering a twin pack in the same loft profiles, eg two high or two low loft pillows, why not offer all profile combinations?

We did some research and couldn't find any other pillow manufacturer or retailer in Australia who offers this choice, which we thought was surprising, so we are the first!  How logical and sensible!

We figured out that there are six possible Mix 'n Match pillow combinations, so you can really get exactly what you need for your bed -

  • 2 x Low profile pillows
  • 2 x Medium profile pillows
  • 2 x High profile pillows
  • 1 x Low and 1 x High profile pillows
  • 1 x Low and 1 x Medium profile pillows
  • 1 x Medium and 1 x High profile pillows

Select the optimal pillow profile that you need and take advantage of the half price deal on the second pillow that is offered on this site. Free delivery anywhere in Australia


Need any further help? Just call us and we will assist.

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