EveryHome Wool 500 Quilt, a warm winter weight quilt filled with pure merino wool

For sleepers who feel the cold and need a lot of warm for cold and for those who have very cold bedrooms. An extra warm quilt for very cold winters.

EveryHome 500 quilt, an extra warm cosy winter quilt

A premium quality winter weight quilt filled with pure fine merino wool from Kangaroo Island, Australia, encased in an exclusive superfine sateen 100% cotton 300 t/c dyed fabric of the highest quality which compliments the luxurious softness of the merino wool filling.

The EveryHome 500 merino quilt has been carefully designed and hand crafted for the cooler climates or for the "cold sleepers" and is filled with 500 grams per square meter (gsm) of 100% pure fine merino filling. 

The premium export quality pure superfine merino wool filling is covered with a pure cotton sateen dyed fabric, 300 thread count, silky smooth soft finish, an exclusive design and construction from Kelly & Windsor. Super smooth and premium quality. This is a new fabric design and of the highest quality. Innovation, design, quality and outstanding softness. Perfect for a wonderful night's sleep

These quilts are finished with the new innovative UltraSoft internal stitching design thus improving the quilts softness and warmth.

The EveryHomequ ilt collections also feature a matching white binding trim and elegant sash which compliments the finish, creating the ultimate in sleeping comfort, softness and luxury. A perfect nights sleep is assured, warmth without weight.

Proudly made in Australia with a five year quality guarantee.

  • Filling
    500gsm (grams per square metre) of pure natural premium quality Australian grown merino wool from Kangaroo Island.
    Constructed with two internal layers of 300gsm to create thermal pocket for extra warmth without the weight
  • Cover Fabric
    A 100% cotton sateen weave construction with a thread count of 300 threads per inch.
  • UltraSoft seamless quilt design
    Softer and silky smooth with no external stitches
    The quilt looks great on your bed and is easy care
  • Luxury trim and sash
  • Product label with care instructions
  • Five year quality guarantee
  • Warmth rating - Very Warm
  • A super warm winter quilt
  • Suited to those that want extra warmth without the weight or very cold climates or bedrooms
  • The warmest natural fibre quilt in the market

Care instructions for Kelly & Windsor and The Australian Alpaca Bedding Company's bedding products

Each of our products has a care label sewn onto it which details the recommended care instructions of the product.

PLEASE strictly follow the care instructions to properly clean the product, maintain its quality and performance. Failure to do so can cause the quilt, doona, pillow, underblanket or comfort top to be severely damaged and destroyed. We will not consider or accept any quality guarantee claim unless our care instructions have been followed.

In general, the care instructions that we recommend are regular fluffing up and outside airing on a warm sunny day.

If required your quilt, pillow or underblankets can be dry cleaned, P40. Please talk with your dry cleaner to make sure that they understand what they are cleaning. If you have it dry cleaned, please thoroughly air afterwards.

Do not allow the quilt, doona, pillow or underblanket to become damp or wet.


If you have questions about your product's care, please call us and we will assist.

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Alpaca fleece is a rare, exotic natural fibre used in fashion, apparel and woven blankets for thousands of years, however, its use in bedding is relatively new.


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A natural bio degradable fibre which is environmentally friendly, moisture absorbent, durable, lanolin free, non-allergenic and chemical. What’s not to love?


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