Alpaca Gold His & Hers Quilt

Alpaca Gold His & Hers Quilt, another exclusive innovation from Kelly & Windsor

The Alpaca Gold His & Hers quilts provide a one piece quilt solution for those sleeping couples where one person feels cold and the other person is too warm. A very common "His & Hers" sleeping problem.

The Kelly & Windsor Alpaca Gold His & Hers quilts originated from several retailers who reported that they had many customers whose partners had such different warmth needs that their quality of sleep was being affected.

A heavier warmer quilt suited one partner, but a cooler lighter weight quilt was better for the other partner. The solution to the problem was to design and manufacture a single one piece quilt that was warmer on one side and cooler on the other. Simple!

The His & Hers quilt is manufactured by spreading a layer of pure combed alpaca fleece of 300 gsm across the full width of the quilt and then spreading a second layer of 200 gsm pure alpaca fleece across one half of the quilt to create a thermal air pocket improving the quilts warmth, which equals a warm side filling weight of 500 grams per square metre.To read more, please click here.

If you are looking for the ultimate in sleeping comfort for you and your partner, the Alpaca Gold His & Hers quilt is the solution.

And if you are single, the Alpaca Gold His & Hers quilt is also a a great idea, use the lighter weight side in summer and the heavier side in winter. One quilt for the whole year.

Made in Australia from premium quality materials, handmade and with a five year quality guarantee.

  • Filling
    Premium quality 100& pure Australian grown alpaca fleece
    300gsm on cool side and 500 gsm on warm side
  • Cover Fabric
    A 100% cotton sateen weave construction with a thread count of 300 threads per inch.
  • UltraSoft seamless quilt design
    Softer and silky smooth. No stitches means the quilt looks better on your bed and is easy care
  • Luxury trim and sash
    Three piece binding with coloured piping
    Luxurious corner sash
  • Product label with care instructions
  • Five year quality guarantee

K&W comments -

  • Warmth rating - medium to warm
  • Can be used with either side to suit you and your partner
  • If you sleep alone this quilt style offers one quilt for all year round comfort - use the light side in summer and heavier side in winter

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