Alpaca Classic Pillow

  • The original Alpaca Classic pillow is now in its second decade of success and is still our most popular seller.

    These pillows are filled with a blend of alpaca fleece and high loft polyester fibre which is quilted into a wad inside the case to optimize the loft and resilience of the pillow. They will keep their shape and not go lumpy or flat.

    A premium quality box wall construction with a 6cm gusset and 100% cotton sateen fabric with a silver piping and a new satin sash, a touch of luxury

    Three profiles

    Everybody is different, so that's why we offer three pillow profile options -

    Low - for back an tummy sleepers

    Medium - for side sleepers, most popular choice

    High - for those that prefer a higher profile pillow for sleeping, resting or reading

    Choosing a pillow

    How to choose the right pillow for you from Kelly & Windsor Australia

    Choosing the right pillow is a personal choice but whatever you choose, check that it matches your sleeping style, that it has a well designed construction and is high quality. Read more

    A cheap low quality pillow that doesn't offer you a truly comfortable night's sleep is not worth buying.

    If you need assistance, please call us

    • Pillow size
      73cm x 48cm and 6cm gusset
      Standard Australian size
    • Filling
      A blend of 50% premium quality Australian grown alpaca fleece and 50% high loft polyester fibre
    • Pillow casing
      100% cotton sateen weave construction with a thread count of 300 threads per inch.
      Silver piping
    • OptiFill filling system
      Smooth & even fill
      Wont go lumpy
      Corners will stay full
    • Three profiles -
      • Low
      • Medium
      • High
    • The gusset design improves the support and comfort
      These pillows will look better on a made up bed - full shape and smooth
    • Three pillow profiles that can be mixed and matched for resting, snoozing and sleeping comfort
      My choice, a high and medium together for reading in bed and a single medium profile pillow for sleeping