Which bed pillow profile is right for me?

November 25, 2016 1 min read 2 Comments

choosing the right alpaca pillow

What pillow profile suits you?

Firstly, what does a pillows' profile mean?

The profile of pillows is basically the height of the pillow when it is laid on your bed. The main point in choosing the right pillow is to get one that suits your sleeping style that it supports your head and aligns your spine in a straight line. If neither occurs you will most likely end up with a sore neck or backache.

How do I know this? After hundreds of uncomfortable nights in hotels around the world, I am an expert. Trust me.

Kelly & Windsor offers three pillow profiles -

Low - suits sleepers who lie on the back or stomach

Medium - side sleepers

High - for resting or reading in bed. Not the best option for sleeping, my opinion only.

There is also a difference between the pillow's profile and its softness. This is a personal choice and varies greatly from person to person. Unfortunately you cant take pillows home to try so please check the feel of each pillow profile before to buy to try and and assess what profile suits you.

Please give us a call if you need any advice and we will offer our recommendation to suit you.

 Alpaca pillow are availabel in three profiles

2 Responses

Dvora Lederman
Dvora Lederman

February 09, 2023

I am so impressed with the medium loft pillow. I have tried a lot of pillows in my life but not one comes up to Kelly and Windsor standard.

I have a question today so I called them and spoke to Trevor who was amazing, He explained everything and didnt rush through. Excellent customer service. I highly recommend this comapny for their superior products.

Karen Bartaska
Karen Bartaska

November 18, 2020

Hello. I am a big believer in natural fibre products and thinking of purchasing your alpaca fill pillow. I know they are not 100% alpaca filling but just wondering why the mix? I am primarily a side sleeper but sometimes sleep on my back (rarely). I hate a high pillow but realise that perhaps the low profile is not in my best interests either. How high is your medium profile pillow? I am also a hot sleeper and wonder if alpaca would suit me. Fussy I know but as I have bought natural fibre in the past and been disappointed (kapok filling turned very lumpy and uncomfortable) so am asking as many questions as I can :)

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