Alpaca & Bamboo Pillow


A new innovation in luxury natural fibre pillows, an alpaca pillow with a washable bamboo quilted outer casing. Exclusive to Kelly & Windsor Australia.

The luxuriously quilted outer cover is a superfine sateen bamboo/cotton fabric with a wad of soft, natural bamboo fibre beneath it to cushion your head, absorb moisture and provide permanent anti bacterial protection.

The outer case has a zipper so that  the inner pillow can easily be removed for machine washing. Just perfect for those hot sweaty summer nights.

Inside the outer cover there is an inner pillow filled with an alpaca and high performance fibre blend pillow which has been designed to be super soft, moisture absorbent with an ideal loft performance.

The inner filling has been twice combed and is quilted with our new Optifill alpaca filling design, To read more

Three profile options

LOW - idea for those that sleep on their back or stomach

MEDIUM - for side sleepers. The most popular choice

HIGH - for those sleepers who like a full fill pillow style for sleeping, resting or maybe reading in bed.

Also available as a single pillow purchase in your choice of profiles or in our new Twin pack offer.

  • Pillow size
    Australian standard size - 73cm x 49cm x 6cm gusset
  • Inner pillow filling
    A blend of 50% premium quality Australian grown alpaca fleece and 50% high performance polyester
  • Inner pillow casing
    100% cotton sateen cover
  • Outer removable casing - machine washable
    A quilted bamboo/cotton sateen fabric with 300gsm of pure 100% bamboo fibre wading
    Soft and smooth support
    Natural eco-friendly
    Moisture absorbent
    Antibacterial, naturally
  • OptiFill filling system
    Will not go lumpy
    Looks great on the bed
  • Product label with care instructions

K&W Comments -

  • Very soft and supportive
  • For sleeping, reading and resting in bed

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