Kelly & Windsor in China

A new initiative for China - The Australian Alpaca Bedding Company

Australian Alpaca Bedding Company in China

For many years, Asia has been our primary export market region especially China which is our largest export market. Our export business to China will certainly grow in the coming years with the growth in the domestic Chinese market and with the new ChAFTA Free Trade Agreement. This agreement which was ratified in December 2015, will open up further sales opportunities into China.

To support this export program, Kelly & Windsor has appointed its associated company, The Australian Alpaca Bedding Company Pty Ltd (AABC) as its exclusive distributor for P R China with effect from April 2017. AABC is a wholly owned associated entity with a common shareholder and directors. The AABC China business will be managed by Susan Liu, Business Development Manager who was appointed in April 2017.

AABC has several business objectives -

  • To appoint one or more companies in China to become distributors for the K&W brand.
  • To establish a new brand of alpaca quilt for on line direct sales into China and for our growing Chinese customers who live in Australia.
  • To manage sales and distribution of the new AABC alpaca quilt ranges to selected Chinese wholesale trading and importing companies

 For further information about AABC please visit its web site

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