Kelly & Windsor Europe

European Union flag

In early 2016, Kelly & Windsor established a wholly owned subsidiary company, Kelly & Windsor Europe BV as an integral part of our European sales and marketing strategy.

This initiative is a major milestone in K&W's company history and represents a significant commitment to the establishment of the Kelly & Windsor brand in Europe.

Based in Dordrecht in the Netherlands. K&W Europe is in an ideal location in Europe with excellent logistics and commercial infrastructure and our logistics partner, Vorex BV has kindly and fully supported this venture.

With the incorporation in Netherlands, within the Eu region, Kelly & Windsor Europe BV is able to offer DDP (delivered duty paid) to its customers within the European Union, whether the article be in stock in Netherlands or air freight imported against a customers order. This provides a simple and easy solution for customers who do not have the facility or experience to undertake direct importing of their orders into the European Union.

Kelly & Windsor Europe BV is carrying inventory in its Netherlands warehouse for the most common quilt sizes and weights suited for western Europe. If we have the required item in stock we can ship out within 24 hours direct to retailers or direct to customers for on line sales orders.We can also arrange for deliveries of orders for European customers who are not in the European Union eg Norway, Russia and eastern Europe.

As the master exclusive distributor for the Kelly & Windsor and The Australian Alpaca Bedding Company brand in Europe, Kelly & Windsor Europe BV is actively seeking distribution partners in Europe and can offer a full suite of sales and marketing support from its Australian parent.

We are very proud of the new and exciting venture, which for a micro sized and ultra niche Australian brand is quite an achievement.

If you would like further information about our European business, please contact Trevor.