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Yes we can.

In addition to our standard Australian size range of single, double, queen, king and the super king quilt (270cm x 240cm), Kelly & Windsor can manufacture special quilt sizes upon request.

If you have a special size or style requirement, maybe for a boat or caravan, please call us and we will be pleased to assist.

Nothing, they are all the same thing.

Most of these names originate from various countries or regions i.e. a quilt is from England, a doona is from Scandinavia, a duvet is French, and a comforter is North American.

They all relate to the same item i.e. a fibre or feather & down filled bed quilt.

Yes, there are significant differences.

Firstly, quilting is primarily required to keep the fibres or feather/down evenly spread over the whole quilt area. Otherwise the filling would literally move from one side to the other. In the past quilts were commonly made with vertical quilted sections which created channels running down the length of the quilt.

This design was commonly promoted with the story that the filling could be 'adjusted' between summer and winter by shaking the filling to one end. In reality, we suspect the reason for the channel design was simplicity i.e. cost and that there was limited mechanized quilting systems available in the early days as quilts were usually hand made.

'Channel' quilts are not desirable because the filling can move up and down the channel through normal use.

Diamond, squares, cassette quilting designs are preferable in modern quilts. They will hold the filling in one area and spread the stitching over the quilt. However, the ideal quilt would have no stitching at all, as it would be softer (the stitches actually stiffen the quilt) and warmer without stitching.

Kelly & Windsor have released a new innovation in quilt design, ‘UltraSoft' which is patent pending. The new UltraSoft quilt design is our unique innovation of internally quilting the filling fibre, to prevent the filling from moving, which is then covered with the outer cover.

Each quilt, duvet, doona, underblanket and pillow has detailed care instructions sewn onto the product.

Please carefully check the care instructions as permanent damage may occur with incorrect cleaning.

If you require further information about product care, please contact us.

At Kelly & Windsor, we admit to being somewhat biased but we truly believe the best quilt fillings are pure natural fibres, created and processed without using harmful chemicals.

Natural fibre fillings are environmentally friendly to the user and our world.

There are many different natural fibre fillings used in quilts which are available today, each with their own attributes and benefits.

Please refer to our bedding filling section for further information.

Firstly, dont worry, this is a very common situation which can be fixed.

In both the Alpaca Gold and Alpaca Classic quilt collections, we offer you a Yours & Theirs quilt in Queen. King and Super King Australian sizes.

How does it work? Its a one piece quilt that has a lighter weight filling on one side, for the "hottie" and a heavier weight filling on the other for the "coldie"

To read more, please click here to the recent news article on our unique and exclusive Yours & Theirs quilt option

Yes and no.

While the price usually is a guide for a products quality, it certainly should not be the main factor in buying a quilt, pillow or underblanket. A good quality quilt with proper care, should last for five to ten years, although we recommend that bedding be replaced about every five years and every one or two years for pillows. Even with proper care, over time quilts and underblankets do 'wear out' with fibre breakage, moisture accumulation and extended use. It is important for you to have a high quality of sleeping comfort which you frankly just cannot get with a poor quality quilt.

Over an eight year period, the difference between a high and low quality quilt is really only a few cents per night, so the initial purchase price isn't important compared to the quality of sleep that you deserve. The average person needs about eight hours per day of truly rejuvenating sleep which is about a third of one's life - surely it's worth buying the best!

Please consider what type of quilt you need apart from its price. If you live in a warm climate, e.g.  Queensland you may not need an expensive winter weight quilt or one that doesn't breath i.e. isn’t moisture absorbent. Equally, if you are hot and perspire a lot, a cheap quilt filled with a synthetic fibre will certainly worsen your sleeping comfort. Again over the life of a quilt, price isn't really that important.

So, price needs to be relative to your specific needs, sleeping conditions and personal situation.

Our advice would be, check the quilt that you are using. If it is old, or filled with polyester, or too heavy, that is usually the problem.

A natural fibre quilt is essential for cooling you especially in warm climates.

We have a range of summer weight quilts available on this site. Just go to the alpaca quilts product page and select "Summer Collections" on the right hand side bar and the quilt selector will show you what we offer.

Alternatively use the warmth rating selector - either Very Cool or Cool and you will see various alpaca quilt styles to assit you.

We are very proud of the quality of our quilts, duvets, pillows and underblankets. Each article is inspected during each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure only the finest quality leaves our factory.

Kelly & Windsor does not ship or sell any second quality quilts, pillows or underblankets - no questions, we just don't do it!

All of Kelly & Windsor's Australia alpaca and wool bedding products come with our manufacturer's quality guarantee.

If for any reason you believe that there is a fault in the quality due to a manufacturing defect, please return the article to your retailer, or contact us.