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Luxurious Alpaca Quilts - Softness, Warmth, Just Beautiful

Our luxurious alpaca quilts boast superior thermal characteristics while being light weight. The unique features of alpaca fleece when used in bedding products create a number of distinct benefits and performance attributes which differ between quilts (aka doonas, duvets and comforters).

They all have the UltraSoft quilting design, an internally stitched seamless quilt, for extra warmth, softness and beautiful appearance on your bed. That means no unsightly quilting crease lines under the quilt cover!

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Alpaca Bamboo 200, the lightest, coolest and softest summer alpaca bamboo quilt in the world. Have you been looking for a superlight and soft summer quilt? This is the ultimate in summer sleeping comfort.

From: $269.95

Alpaca Bamboo 300 is designed for mild to warm climates where a light weight summer quilt would not be warm enough and a full winter quilt would be too hot.

From: $299.95

Alpaca Bamboo 400 is a winter warmth quilt with an outstanding warmth to weight ratio, perfect for a comfortable night's rest. Two internal layers of alpaca & bamboo fibre which creates a very warm yet light weight winter quilt.

From: $339.95

The Alpaca Bamboo 600 Super Winter Quilt is a super warm quilt designed for very cold climates and those sleepers who are cold in bed at night. Two layers of alpaca fleece and bamboo fibre are cross laid inside to optimize the quilts' loft and warmth.

From: $379.95

New for the 2018 winter season, the Alpaca Bamboo is a world first innovation - two quilts in one set, a superlight weight summer quilt and a mid loft all year round quilt. Use them separately or clip them together to suit your sleeping comfort. Very clev

From: $669.95

The Alpaca Classic 300 quilt is a light weighter quilt filled with 60% alpaca fleece and 40% downs wool covered in a superfine sateen cotton fabric. A perfect all year round quilt.

From: $289.95

The Alpaca Classic 450 quilt is the most popular winter weight alpaca quilt in Australia. The filling is a blend of alpaca fleece & wool fibre, covered with a premium 100% cotton sateen fabric.

From: $329.95

Our Alpaca Classic Quilt His & Hers is an innovative quilt design that is warmer on one side and cooler on the other. We are discontinuing this range and have limited stock - they will go very quickly. Get your order in and we will deliver direct to y

From: $369.95

New for 2018, the Alpaca Gold 200, a super light weight luxurious quilt filled with 100% pure and natural alpaca fleece. Ideal for summer and warmer climates.

From: $349.95

This is a light weight luxurious quilt filled with 100% pure and natural alpaca fleece.Ideal for spring/autumn and all year round.

From: $409.95

New for 2017, a medium weight winter quilt with our innovative dual layer filling for luxurious softness and warmth without the weight.

From: $439.95

Alpaca Gold 500 quilts are a winter quilt filled with 100% pure natural alpaca fleece and encased in a superfine pure cotton sateen fabric.

From: $499.95

Alpaca Gold 600 quilts are the warmest in our range and with optimal comfort without the weight.

From: $519.95

The Alpaca Gold His & Hers quilt is an exceptional one piece quilt that is warmer on one side and cooler on the other side.

From: $549.95

Kelly & Windsor 100% Australian Made

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