Innovation and Technology

Kelly & Windsor is always looking at ways to work smarter and our products better.

Our use of innovative technology and process sytems has a significant impact on our efficiency and product quality. We have a range of equipment in our factory which uses the latest technology available in bedding manufacturing industry.

Despite our micro size, we are able to offer our customers such flexibilty, capability and innovation that any other larger quilting businesses would love to have.

Sustainable Process Engineering

Our use of sophisticated technology enables us to have sustainable process engineering. Kelly & Windsor uses modern equipment and technology to ensure that we continuously manufacture our products to the highest standard and quality. We use the Lean Manufacturing principles to enhance our manufacturing process.

Sophisticated Equipment & Programs

Kelly & Windsor uses specialized manufacturing equipment and marketing programs to produce its own literature and other items. We believe, that if we can do it ourselves to the quality standard required, we will. 

Innovation & Technology

Kelly & Windsor Australia is driven by innovation in its business vision, product design, manufacturing processes and its operations. 

With over twenty years experience, the Kelly & Windsor Australia business is highly regarded as being in a class of its own for quality, service, innovation and product quality.



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