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The unique features of
Kelly & Windsor alpaca quilts

Features oif Kelly Windsor alpaca quilts doonas | made in Australia
We are proud of being recognised as a global leader in premium quality alpaca quilts, made in Australia. Kelly & Windsor is a brand that you can trust.


Why our alpaca wool quilts are so good
Alpaca fibre is premium quality and ideal for bedding | Kelly Windsor Australia
alpaca fibre, premium quality
Alpaca wool is one of the world's rarest natural fibres and has several unique features, making it perfectly suited to premium bedding.

We only select the best quality fibre for our unique alpaca bedding collection which is carefully inspected and approved before we accept it.

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Microsoft processing of alpaca wool fibre Kelly & Windsor Australia
fibre processing and combing
While not strictly a feature of a quilt, the processing of alpaca fibre is critical to the quality and performance of a quality alpaca quilt.

We are experts in exotic natural fibre processing in blending. combing and cross lapping, with over one hundred combined years of experience.

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UltraSoft alpaca quilts doonas are easy care | kelly Windsor Australia
UltraSoft quilting design
A innovative quilting design, seamless internal stitching which is unique to Kelly & Windsor.

Our UltraSoft alpaca wool quilts are -

- warmer (trapping warm air)
- softer (less stitches)
- easy care (making up your bed is so easy)
- smooth and flat, like a hotel

An innovative design exclusive to Kelly & Windsor.

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Superfine sateen fabrics on alpaca quilts doonas from Kelly Windsor Australia
luxurious cover fabrics
Our cover fabrics are very special.

Exclusively designed by Kelly & Windsor.

Superfine sateen weave construction designs in either pure cotton or bamboo/cotton blends in 300 and 320 thread counts. Our exclusive superfine sateen luxury cover fabrics are the best in the market.

Super soft, quiet, silky and a dream to sleep under.

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Luxurious trims and sashes on alpac doonas quuilts Kelly & Windsor Australia
luxurious trim and sashes
Another innovative design feature is our a three piece decorative binding with a unique satin piping, a touch of luxury to finish off our premium quality quilts.

An embossed luxuriously soft and smooth sash with the Australian Made logo and Alpaca Australia, our speciality.

The finest quilt trims and sashes in the high end doona quilt market.

We love showing off our luxurious trims. To see more please click here

Alpaca Gold quilts doonas packaging premium quality
premium display packaging
We believe that a luxury quilt doona should be professionally displayed and it's packaging compliment the product and the brand.

An innovative and clever display, distinctive packaging style in a reusable premium quality carry bag.

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