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How do alpaca quilts compare
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Comparison of alpaca quilts doonas to other fibre quilts | Kelly Windsor Australia
The comparison data above has been compiled by Kelly & Windsor from certified textile testing authorities, published studies from various textile fibre industry references and our experience in the bedding industry in the last twenty years.

It provides a handy and simple comparison guide of each fibre's characteristics and performance in each of the five key bedding categories.


the important points to consider
Alpaca fibre is softer than any other natural fibre | Kelly Windsor Australia
A softer fibre is at the heart of a better night's sleep.

A softer quilt around your body, traps warm air to keep you warm in winter and absorbs moisture in warmer seasons.

Alpaca fibre is significantly smoother and softer than other natural fibres.

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Alpaca quilts are warmer than any other quilts doonas | Kelly Windsor Australia
Alpaca fibre is uniquely semi hollow, trapping air, making it warmer than other natural fibre

We have undertaken extensive thermal testing of many fibre quilts in various types and weights in the last twenty years, and with our experience, we can state that the warmth ratings of alpaca quilts are superior to any other natural fibre.

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Warmth to weight ration graph alpaca wool | Kelly Windsor Australia
warmth to weight ratio
Is a heavier quilt warmer? No

The warmth to weight ratio is far more important than a quilt's weight.

As an example, an alpaca 400 gsm quilt is 24% warmer than a 500 gsm wool quilt which is 20% heavier.

The laboratory testing is clear, alpaca quilts have a superior warmth to weight ratio.

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temperature balance
Natural fibre quilts regulate your body temperature which means that you will not overheat or be too cold.

This is important, as temperature variations throughout the night can effect your sleep REM, causing poor quality or loss of sleep as your natural sleep cycle is disrupted.

Alpaca quilts provide optimal temperature balance, you wont overheat nor be cold

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moisture absorbency
Natural fibre will absorb moisture, perspiration etc which is very important to keeping you dry whilst you are resting and sleeping.
Synthetic fibres such as polyester may feel warm but they are actually hydrophobic, and will not absorb any moisture at all. A hot sweaty and uncomfortable night is the result.
You need to be dry to be warm in the colder month's and cool in warmer seasons.

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how to choose the right alpaca quilt
After condsidering the above, which alpaca quilt suits you?

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