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Why Kelly & Windsor's alpaca quilts give you a better night's sleep

Get a better nights sleep with Kelly Windsor alpaca doonas quilts
A good night's sleep is an essential part of living, without it, the quality of your life will suffer.

We spend a lot of time resting and sleeping, up to one-third of our life, and it is critical that the sleep that you need is the best you can get.

Many factors influence the quality of your sleep, including your personal health, your sleeping environment and the quality and suitability of your bedding accessories.


our alpaca quilts are unique, the ultimate in sleeping comfort
Five year quality guarntee alpaca quilts | Kelly & Windsor Australia
the quality of the quilt
Firstly, the quality of your bedding will have a direct effect upon the quality of your sleep.

A premium quality quilt will have softer filling, high quality natural fibre cover fabrics and be well made.

Put simply, a poor quality quilt is just not worth compromising the quality of your sleep.

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UltraSoft seamless quilt  doona design exclusive to Kelly Windsor Australia
innovative design
Our quilt designs are unique, exclusive and innovative. Its what you would expect from a luxury brand.

The UltraSoft seamless quilt design in our alpaca quilt collections gives you better temperature regulation, outstanding softness and are more attractive.

Our quilts are carefully designed for ultimate sleeping comfort and performance.

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Experience the ultimate comfort in sleeping with Kelly Windsor alpaac doonas quilts
comfortable and balanced warmth
It is important that you are warm at night whilst sleeping, without feeling cold or overheating.

Alpaca wool quilts offer you a comfortable excellent warmth.

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Warmth to weight ratio graph of alpaca wool quilts doonas | Kelly & Windsor Australia
excellent warmth to weight ratio
Is a heavier quilt warmer? No

The warmth to weight ratio is far more important than a quilt's weight.

As an example, an alpaca 400 gsm quilt is 24% warmer than a 500 gsm wool quilt which is 20% heavier.

The laboratory testing is clear, alpaca quilts have a superior warmth to weight ratio.

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quilt warmth ratings

perfect temperature balance
Natural fibre quilts regulate your body temperature which means that you will not overheat or be too cold.

This is important, as temperature variations throughout the night can effect your sleep REM, causing poor quality or loss of sleep as your natural sleep cycle is disrupted.

Alpaca quilts provide optimal temperature balance, you won't overheat nor be cold

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Natural moisture absorbency of alpaca quilts | Kelly Windsor Australia
natural moisture absorbency
Natural fibre will absorb moisture, perspiration etc which is very important to keeping you dry whilst you are resting and sleeping.
Synthetic fibres such as polyester may feel warm but they are actually hydrophobic, and will not absorb any moisture at all. A hot sweaty and uncomfortable night is the result.
You need to be dry to be warm in the colder month's and cool in warmer seasons.

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How to choose the best alpaca quilt doonas for you | Kelly & Windsor Australia
how to choose the right alpaca quilt
After considering the above, which alpaca quilt suits you?

We recommend that you choose next quilt tailored to your specific needs.

The quality of your rest and sleep is very important, and we are only a call away to assisting you in making the right choice.

Which alpaca quilt suits you? Find out with our BMI quilt guide.

Do you have any questions about alpaca quilt doonas from Kelly Windsor Australia
any questions?
Do you have any questions? Can't find what you are looking for? No problem

Please contact us by email or phone and we will be happy to assist.

We are experts in the luxury premium quality bedding business and can help you in deciding what suits you and what is best.

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