Alpaca Light Quilts

The Alpaca Light bedding collection was designed and launched in 2004 with a quilt, in two weights 250 and 400gsm, a Comfort Topper and a pillow.

The idea behind the brand was to create a light weight summer collection of alpaca quilts that were more suited to warm climates and the northern areas of Australia.

The Alpaca Light collection ended up being very popular but we discontinued the range four years ago when we replaced it with the Alpaca Bamboo bedding collection.

Despite the huge popularity of the Bamboo collections, we still receive enquiries for the Alpaca Light quilts so we are planning to release them again in February 2019 under the original Alpaca Light brand name.

We will be changing the packaging in 2019 but for those that remember the original series, as a teaser for whats coming, the original brand launch story board -

Alpaca Light Story board 2004 p1

Alpaca Light story board p2

Alpaca Light story board p3

Alpaca Light story board p4