Alpaca Bamboo Quilts

Alpaca & Bamboo, a perfect blend of nature's finest fibres

Kelly & Windsor's alpaca and bamboo quilt collections offers a unique combination of two natural fibres, alpaca & bamboo, which creates the perfect quilt for temperate climates. These unique quilts are light weight, breathable and will offer warmth on cooler nights without over heating on warmer nights.

An innovation in luxury quilts, Kelly & Windsor's Alpaca and Bamboo quilt collection features a new and exclusive UltraSoft quilting design that creates the softest, smoothest and light weight combination of innovation in luxury quilts.

The filling fibres are stitched internally to secure them inside the outer cover which improves the quilt's breathability by the evenness of the fibre and the elimination of the external stitching, a world first innovation from Kelly & Windsor Australia.