Kelly & Windsor tours the new destroyer, HMAS Brisbane

August 28, 2018 2 min read

Kelly & Windsor on board HMAS Brisbane Aug 2018

Kelly & Windsor supplies the Royal Australian Navy with bedding products

For more than ten years, Kelly & Windsor have been proudly supplying the Royal Australian Navy with military grade bedding products which we have designed to meet NATO specifications, which we manufacture in Australia. Click here to read more

In March 2018 we were awarded the bedding supply contract for the three new Hobart Class "Air Warfare Destroyers" (AWD) which are being built at the Australian Submarine Corporation in Adelaide, Australia.

In August I received an invitation to tour the second AWD destroyer, HMAS Brisbane before it was due to sail on its maiden voyage to Sydney for commissioning into the Royal Australian Navy.

Upon arrival at the shipyard, the invited vendors met the OAL supply team and the ship's crew and we were taken on a two hour tour through the ship.

This is a very seriously impressive war ship with state of the art surveillance combined with an very sophisticated attack & defence weapons systems. The tour covered most of the ship including operations room, bridge, sailor quarters, canteen, helicopter deck and stores areas which was very interesting.

On a personal note, I have toured through quite a few old and decommissioned navy vessels around the world over the years, but I have never had the experience of touring through a brand new war ship. I was very impressed.

Kelly & Winsor on board HMAS Brisbane August 2018During the tour, I noticed several things. firstly the pride and passion of all the contractors and RAN crew working on this major project which was outstanding. Secondly, the precision, execution and organization of this very large and complicated project was done to perfection. I was very impressed and proud that Kelly & Windsor was part of this project.

The purpose of the tour was to thank selected supply vendors, who worked within several tight delivery schedules and to show us how our bedding products items are actually used on board a war ship. After the tour we had a group meeting to discuss contract supply and continuous improvement programs for supply to the third AWD destroyer, HMAS Sydney due for launch in 2019.

During the tour, the OAL team thanked Kelly & Windsor for our support being on time, on spec and on budget for the HMAS Brisbane which they very much appreciated. Our pleasure. It was an very enlightening day. Thanks to Sam, Angela and the OAL team. Top photo was taken on the rear helicopter deck. I am fourth in from the right. The middle photo is me with the Kelly & Windsor FR quilts stored on board ready to sail.

 We are very proud to supply the Royal Australian Navy with its bedding needs.

On spec, on time and on budget. Our pleasure and sail safe.

Nina Davis
Nina Davis

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