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August 01, 2020 3 min read

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Without any doubt, the world has dramatically changed in 2020.

The global spread of the corona virus and its impact on the world from a human, social and economic perspective is a disaster which will have long term implications for the world for years to come.

We have all needed to adapt to new rules of living and daily life which have been either imposed or have simply been  common sense. This virus has had an impact upon every person on the planet. One can only hope that mankind can work together and use our resources, knowledge and technical skills to find a solution especially now as the crisis is clearly getting out of control.

Despite the challenging times, we have seen a dramatic increased demand for Australian made quality products.

I read interesting post in "SmartCompany" today, 21st September 2020, which I thought was very relevant

"A recent Roy Morgan poll shows 52% of Australian's have a higher preference for Australian made products since the COVIC-19 pandemic. The same survey shows 89% believe more products should be manufactured in Australia. Thats huge!

When asked the reasons for bringing manufacturing home, the top five reasons were-

1. It reduces Australia's reliance on other countries

2. It creates jobs. (that should have been #1 reason in my opinion)

3. Supports Australian businesses (and jobs)

4. Reduces risks (and costs of) associated with international supply chains

5.It strengthens Australia's economy

"Given the fact that the Australian manufacturing industry has been severely depleted in recent years, do we have the capacity to replace import with locally produced goods?" Absolutely, and its also possible to export high quality Australian made products around the world.

Kelly & Windsor has shown that not only is Australian manufacturing possible for the Australian market but it's products can be exported anywhere in the world. We have been exporting since 2004, nearly 17 years!

The article went on on, "it is possible for Australian manufacturers to compete on a global scale and its often the smaller more agile Australian manufacturers that are leading the charge."

Australia can unite to beat this virus but also build a long term sustainable manufacturing economy.

Anyway, back to the subject, 

As mentioned above we have seen a very strong demand for our Australian made bedding products which was a pleasant surprise.

Since early March 2020,we have been running at full production to meet demand and have hired new staff to keep up with orders from retailers throughout Australia, on line channels and from selected export markets. 

We have at all times been closely monitoring the health authorities and government announcements and directions to ensure that the team is safe and that we are allowed to continue our operations.

We have had several staff meetings to discuss the situation and have established clear policies and practices for working conditions for ourselves and visitors to our facility.

Despite the stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne since early August we have been permitted to operate with strict covid safety plans for our staff and visitors.

At the end of 2020, we had not missed one day's production and finished the year very well with strong sales and shipments but what a year. Roll on 2021!

Update @ May 2021 -

The pandemic continues around the world and in some area its totally out of control. In Australia the vaccination program has commenced and hopefully everybody will be vaccinated by year end but a key driver of our economic growth, international travel and inbound migration looks like a long way off.

Kelly & Windsor has been busy in the early months with exports, private label business and several production equipment upgrades.

Thanks to our customers for their support.




Trevor Beuth
Trevor Beuth

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