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The Australian Alpaca Bedding Company, part of the Kelly & Windsor Australia Group exhibited at the Intertextile Home Wares Fair in Shanghai, China on the 23rd to 26th August 2017. Intertextiles is the leading home living exhibition in Asia and with over 1,000 exhibitors and is certainly the largest home life style fair in China. The Australian Alpaca Bedding Company launched its range of Australian made alpaca quilts and Australian made wool quilts into China. What a fantastic show it was! Equally there was great interest in our beautiful pillows. ..
Kelly and Windsor Australia believes in giving back to the community. Trevor Beuth, Managing Director of Kelly and Windsor Australia recently presented to post graduate international business and marketing students at Deakin University. Trevor’s experience and understanding of international business is well known. These students were also invited to contact Trevor to discuss their projects. In addition, Trevor has given his time and advice to young entrepreneurs experiencing challenge. His advice includes the message that you must always act with integrity and set the highest et..
Kelly & Windsor Australia – Heimtextil 2017
AUSTRALIA’S PREMIUM ALPACA BEDDING COMPANY Kelly & Windsor Australia designs, manufactures and markets an exclusive range of luxury specialty bed quilts and duvets all made with Australian grown alpaca fleece and other natural luxury fibres. ◊ Exclusive and premium quality luxury bedding collections ◊ Unique product range with innovative designs and styles ◊ 15 years of experience processing alpaca fleece in bedding products ◊ Specialized focus – alpaca bedding is our core business ◊ Innovative brands and styles to suit every international market ◊ Vertical manufacturer with state of..
Corporate & Personal Gifts
AUSTRALIAN MADE ALPACA QUILTS - Unique and exclusive corporate gifts Kelly & Windsor is extending its range with the design and manufacture of uniquely personalized alpaca bedding products to suit the premium  corporate gift market. We offer beautiful bedding products tailored to meet the highest quality standards of our worldwide customers. Our bedding products are a superb corporate gift which has that touch of luxury.PREMIUM GIFTS - Individual Alpaca Bedding Designs In addition, we are able to create individual alpac..

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Quilt Warmth Ratings: Do you know what quilt you need?

Quilt Warmth Ratings: Do you know what quilt you need?

Quilt Warmth Ratings: Which type and style of quilt is best for you?

Unfortunately, there is no universal measure of a quilt's warmth or its thermal performance.

Over the years, we have noticed that there are many ways manufacturers and retailers rate quilts and this must be confusing to any buyer. How do you know which quilt is suited to your needs? The choice of the right quilt for you, depends upon many variables such as the climate, room temperature and everybody's personal warmth/cooling needs.

Kelly & Windsor uses four categories as a guide for a quilt's thermal performance -


A lightweight quilt of between 200 grams per square metre (gsm) fill weight up to 275gsm.
Suited to warm climates, heated sleeping environments and those sleepers who are naturally warm to hot in bed.

All Year Round

A quilt with a filling weight between 300gsm and up to 400gsm. 
Suited for use in a temperate climate with normal sleeping room heating and by regular temperature sleepers.


A quilt with a fill weight of between 400gsm to 500gsm.
Suited to cold climates, relatively cool sleeping rooms and for those that like that extra warmth.

Super Warm

A quilt of 600gsm or higher for very cold climates, where the sleeping room is also cold and those sleepers who feel the cold need to be extra warm at night.

The above provides a general guide as the selection of the right quilt for you. We believe that the BMI Matrix Warmth Guide is the most accurate and objective assessment of all relevant factors for the correct choice of the perfect quilt.

Posted by Kelly & Windsor

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Our BMI Matrix Alpaca Quilt Warmth Guide
What is the Kelly & Windsor BMI Matrix Alpaca Quilt Index?Before you buy a new quilt, we would advise you to carefully consider what type of quilt will suit you and your sleeping comfort. Your new quilt should last years.  You should get value, enjoyment and sleeping comfort from the right quilt from your first night's sleep.So how do you know which quilt suits you? It's not simply a matter of price (cheap vs. expensive) or the weight of the quilt (a warm winter quilt will be too hot in tropical climates) or being confused by the nons..