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Quilt sizes in Australia

Alpaca Gold Quilts

The Alpaca Gold Collection

The Alpaca Gold collection; a luxurious soft and comfortable quilt created with 100% pure, natural Australian grown alpaca fleece covered with a superfine 100% cotton sateen fabric casing which has a luxurious drape to enhance the softness of the 100% alpaca fleece filling.

Alpaca fleece is free from harmful chemicals, has an excellent moisture absorbency and breath ability which are important properties in bedding (to keep you cool in summer and dry in winter).

Exceptionally soft, light weight but comfortably warm, inherently anti-bacterial (anti odour), eco friendly and bio degradable; and ideal natural quilt filling fibre.

New for 2018, the Alpaca Gold 200, a super light weight luxurious quilt filled with 100% pure and natural alpaca fleece. Ideal for summer and warmer climates.

From: $349.95

This is a light weight luxurious quilt filled with 100% pure and natural alpaca fleece.Ideal for spring/autumn and all year round.

From: $409.95

New for 2017, a medium weight winter quilt with our innovative dual layer filling for luxurious softness and warmth without the weight.

From: $439.95

Alpaca Gold 500 quilts are a winter quilt filled with 100% pure natural alpaca fleece and encased in a superfine pure cotton sateen fabric.

From: $499.95

Alpaca Gold 600 quilts are the warmest in our range and with optimal comfort without the weight.

From: $519.95

The Alpaca Gold His & Hers quilt is an exceptional one piece quilt that is warmer on one side and cooler on the other side.

From: $549.95

Kelly & Windsor 100% Australian Made

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